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A Downloadable Publication from the 2011 Haiti UTK Studio


WBIR Report of the Haiti Studio

Introduction haiti_utk

Welcome to the Haiti UTK site! The work on these pages reflects student engagement in design for both a school and housing for the community of Fonds des Bloncs, Haiti in collaboration with the Haiti Christian Development Fund. The project was initiated in the early fall of 2010 and subsequently a class of 19 students, in the spring of 2011, was given the responsibility of deisgning a secondary school. The school is under constuction. A new group of students is now hard at work developing new housing in Fonds des Blancs. The work of these students can be seen in the pages of this blog. Students of the class will be traveling to Haiti Februay 2-6 to collect addiional data. It is anticipated that this second phase of the project will be completed in late April with construction starting summer 2012. The work of the students is being guided by three primary faculty, John McRae, David Matthews, and Chris King, a local practictioner. The students during their exploration will engage a wide range of issues including context, culture, resources, climate and other outside factors not common to their expereince. 

Students: Cassidy Barnett, Aaron Brown, Sarah Heimermann, Mitzi Coker, Emily Corgan, Ben Cross, Peter Duke, Emily Fike, Sam Funari, Lauren Heile, Kendra McHaney, Lauren Metts, Morgan Oiler, Bernice Paez, Forrest Reynolds, Emily Ryan, James Sawyer, Zachary Smith, Robert Thew, Cory Wikerson Faculty: John McRae, Chris King, David Matthews

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Special Thanks!

The Haiti Studio for spring 2012 is being supported by HaitiServe foundation based in Knoxville Tennessee, that is focused on outreach and engagement in improving conditions in Haiti. 

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BlueCore | Backcountry Medical Response

 watercolor diagram of pack; transparency showing insert

BlueCore reaches the areas where no other response teams can go. BlueCore is an emergency response system designed in reaction to the Haitian earthquake crisis of 2010. A team of backpacking doctors and nurses heads out into rural areas to set up temporary camps and provide medical relief to doctors. Doctors carry easily-recognizable hybrid backpacks that contain emergency medical supplies and enough gear for the team to stay up to 5 days. 

BlueCore team members travel in with gear on a vehicle to remote urban areas. From these areast he members set out on foot to isolated rural areas for a multiple-day backpacking excursion. Team members arrive at their location and set up camp for five days where they will assist Haitians with basic medical needs such as minor wounds, GI issues, ulcers, cleanliness and sanitation. The backpack is also able to carry surgical equipment. 

modeled diagram of pack insert; exploded axon

The BlueCore crossover packs are the foundation of the system. Inspired by the efficiency of military gear and the ergonomics of backcountry gear, the hybrid packs have a specialized compartment at the core that houses a removable cylindrical insert containing medical equipment. This removable nested core is a compressible compartmentalized tower that zips apart into smaller segments so that doctors and nurses can work faster and more flexibly under pressure. All BlueCore gear packs out just as easily as it packs in; storage zones within the pack as well as latch points outside the pack allow for an easy trip out. 

The process of coming up with the idea of BlueCore crossover pack was extremely fun and interactive. The Haiti studio is a highly collaborative studio that works together to blast through complex problems in order to generate and identify creative design solutions. The process began by strategically mapping out important issues surrounding the situation in Haiti. As we mapped out our ideas we were able to come up with solutions. Groups presented both in small groups and as a whole to critique ideas and brainstorm together. BlueCore backpacking system is based on a fact that resonated with us after a presentation from the nursing department. Part of the presentation displays text messages from Haitians after the earthquake in remote areas that are asking if others know if they are alive. This resonated with us; we set out to create a system that can go through rough terrain to reach people in remote areas and get help to them. BlueCore is based on ergonomic and ultra-lightweight backpacking gear as well as the masterfully-compartmentalized military medic bags. 


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Reader Comments (3)

I was really interested in how compact your unit is and how it makes for easy transportation.

February 18, 2013 | Registered CommenterMorgan Oiler

I applaude the thought that went into this project. It is really tough to work with such a small space and have everything organized and easy to access. Well done.

Is there some way that this pack can be even more versatile to accommodate different size loads or even explore how they stitch together to maybe load a donkey down with them.

February 18, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBen

I appreciated how thought through this idea was. Although, i think a backpack that's approx 50lbs would be far too heavy for someone hiking to carry for long distances. The watercoloring was very nice!

February 18, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterTiffiny Hall

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